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Notice all the beautiful details, Leo Fender would be proud!

As you can see we don't pigeon hole you with a specific nut size, fret wire, fingerboard radius or profile as all the other companies do, the reason for this is that we make all of our necks to order. In other words the necks aren't made until you place the order and they are handmade right here in Southern California.

  • Depth, Width and Fretboard Radius do matter in the feel of the neck that you may choose.
  • Depth or the thickness of the neck is measured from the center top of the fingerboard to the center back.
  • Width is measured at the nut. Our necks come in 1.625" or (1-5/8"), 1.650" or (1-21/32") and 1.6875" or (1-11/16").
  • Radius is the curvature of the fingerboard. The tighter the fingerboard the easier it is to play chords. The flatter the radius the more comfortable it is to play lead.

Choose the features that suit your requirements:

The Profile of your choice as shown above:

Right-Hand, Left-Hand or "Reverse Headstock" (Lefty or Reversed add $25.00)

Nut Widths Available: ( 1.625" or (1-5/8"), 1.650" or (1-21/32") and 1.6875" or (1-11/16") (41.275mm, 41.91mm and 42.84mm) Nut is not included but is available.

Fingerboard Radius Available: (7.25", 9.5", 10", 12" and 14") We do not offer a compound radius.

21 or 22 frets

Your choice from 5 fret sizes:

6230 This is the smallest wire found in older Fender necks. Size: .078" x .043"
6150 Vintage jumbo. Much wider but not as tall as the 6230. Size: .102" x .042"
6105 Contemporary narrow and tall, a very popular choice. Size: .090" x .055"
6100 This is Jumbo, the biggest guitar wire available. Size: .110" x .055
6130 Often referred to as Medium Jumbo. Size: 106" x .036

Vintage One Piece or Contemporary 2 piece Construction

Direct replacement for 4-bolt Fenders

Stock hole size for guitar necks is 11/32" to fit the push-in bushings of Kluson-type keys. On request, we will ream these holes to 25/64" for Schallers or 13/32" for Gotohs or Sperzels.

IS THE FRETWORK DONE?The leveling, dressing, crowning and polish does not come standard with our necks. This work is done to insure that the frets are all parallel to one another, this insures no fret buzz, even with the lowest action. Fret leveling generally needs to be done only in cases of very low action, or on maple fingerboards that are spray finished (to remove the finish). We spend right around 4 hours on a fret level, dress, crown and polish, the frets when finished look like jewelry and are as close to perfection as possible, you won't find anything like this on any guitar shop wall. Please refer to the price list below for our fretwork.

WHY IS THE NUT MISSING? Nuts are cut on a per order basis and are not included with necks. The nut needs to be cut when the guitar is assembled, this insures proper alignment and setup. If there is a nut included with this neck there will be minor adjustments needed to refine the fit and action to your liking.


Brazilian Neck
Tele Brazilian neck
Strat Maple neck

Tele Maple

Strat Ebony neck
tele quartersawn maple neck
Strat Maple  Rosewood neck
Tele Maple  Rosewood neck
Strat Rosewood neck
Tele Ebony neck
strat quartersawn maple neck


Strat 70's Rosewood


Strat 70's Maple
70's tele neck

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