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Guitar Parts is what B. Hefner Company is all about. This July is our 28th year manufacturing the finest Fender Guitar Parts made to vintage spec bar none. We want to thank you our repeat and new customers by passing on some huge savings. Just Visit http://www.bhefner.com and experience what so many of our customers already have, the finest guitar parts available made right here in our California factory.

guitar pickguards

Fender strat pickguards

Fender tele pickguards

Beautiful handmade wood pickguards, guaranteed to set you apart.Each pickguard is a .025" thick real wood venner which is laminated to black plastic to prevent chipping or cracking. The finished thickness is the same as any standard guard.Available in either Srat® S-S-S or S-S-H the Tele® configuration is standard or with a humbucker, all guards come unfinished.We will soon be offering P and J Bass guards along with other guitar pickup configurations.

We are LICENSED BY FENDER Its headstock profile is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instrument Corporation and B. Hefner Company is licensed by Fender under a quality control license. B. Hefner Company is not affiliated with Fender and no Fender warranty applies. Strat® Tele® P-Bass® and J-Bass® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.